How to Drink (or Not) in 25 Crazy Countries

How to Drink (or Not) in 25 Crazy Countries

How to Drink (or Not) in 25 Crazy Countries

Sit down with a Dutchman. Serve him a chilled tulip glass filled to the brim with genever — a light flavored whiskey and the national spirit of The Netherlands. Add a short beer back. And learn how to drink like the Dutch. It’s all about the head butt, baby.

The Dutch drink their genever using the “head butt” (or “kopstoot” in Dutch) technique, bending at the waist to sip the spirit hands free, then sitting up straight to have a sip of beer. Rumor has it they do this to avoid warming the chilled glass. Who knew? I do now, thanks to an infographic recently shared on HuffPost Taste.

With this infographic, you can learn how to drink — or not — in 25 different countries. Headed to Spain? Don’t you dare toast with a glass of water. They believe you will have 7 years of bad sex if you do. On a trip to Hungary? Don’t toast at all please. (In 1848, 13 Hungarian revolutionaries were executed, after which the deaths were celebrated by clinking glasses, so those Hungarians don’t do it.) And in Australia, don’t forget to shout (or buy) a round of drinks. It’s considered impolite to neglect this custom.

If you’re a drinker and a traveler, interested in global drinking customs, or just looking for a bit of light humor on Thirsty Thursday, I think you’ll enjoy this graphic. (Click to view the full-size graphic if you’re having trouble reading the text.)

How to Drink (or Not) in 25 Crazy Countries

Here’s how you can follow this custom at home, according to Esquire:

How to Drink Genever Using the Kopstoot Method

1. Put a tulip glass on the table.

2. Pour a small glass (6 to 8 ounces) of beer, and put it near the tulip glass.

3. Pour chilled genever carefully into the tulip glass until it’s so full that the top bulges.

4. Bending from the waist, take the first, generous sip of the genever.

5. Straighten up and have a sip of the beer.

George Bernard Shaw said: “Whiskey is liquid sunshine.” I wonder if he knew about the “head butt” method…

A quick note and request for help: I’ve never tried to buy or order genever in the US, so I have no idea how easy it is to find. If you have, let me know what you buy and where you buy it. Thanks in advance!

Image Credit: Poster by Henri Privat-Livemont (1901) via Wikipedia | Infographic Credit: wineinvestment.com via HuffPost Taste

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