How Suburban Gardens and Local Action Heal the Planet – EcoLocalizer

Vegetable Harvest

There is a growing grassroots movement in suburban and urban areas where the local action of growing food is beginning to profoundly transform our neighborhoods and our world. It begins first with a simple attitude shift, when we start thinking of our lawns and backyard gardens as opportunities for sustainably growing food. As we each start to plant a seed, we are healing not only ourselves, but the planet as well.

You can check out the 10 ways sustainable gardening practices will positively transform your neighborhood over on our sister site, Ecolocalizer.

With all of the news lately about a coming food crisis, growing your own food is more important than ever. Have you guys been doing any gardening? I have had mixed luck with growing my own food, but I’m determined again this year and starting small with just mint, oregano, rosemary, hot peppers, and Chinese broccoli. What about you?

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