How My Cats Joined the Clean Plate Club

We talk a lot on here about healthy eats for people, but what about for our pets? I think our pets’ health is very important. They’re a part of the family, and I want them to be healthy and happy!

When the folks at Holistic Select reached out to me about trying their all natural cat food, the timing couldn’t have been better. Both of my cats had lost weight, and the vet was a little bit concerned about how quickly it had happened.

We feed our cats once a day and let them graze. They’ll pop by the food bowl throughout the day to munch, but there’s always a little bit of food left by the time we feed them again. Last week, we switched them over to the Holistic Select that the company sent us. Here’s how it went.

Their bowls have been totally empty each evening when I go to feed them! They love this stuff, and I’m a fan of what’s in it. According to the company:

Holistic Select recipes are full of the unique, functional ingredients found in nature that we seek to add our own diets: like probiotics, natural enzymes, botanicals and Omega-3’s.

The ingredient list is long, but unlike a lot of pet foods I’ve checked out everything in is seems to be actual food or added vitamins. You can check out the ingredients from the bag they sent me on the Holistic Select website.

It’s too soon to tell if there have been any health benefits, but they seem as happy and energetic as always, and they’re definitely eating more.

Holistic Select has a handy store locator, if you want to pick some up for your kitties. They also have a pet community, where you can learn tips and snag coupons.

What do you guys feed your pets?

  1. Missy

    I used to feed my cat Nilla Nutro Pet light cat food. They changed the formula and Nilla was getting sick from it, so I switched her to Chicken Soup for the cat’s Soul. As funny as it sounds, it is an all natural cat food, with good ingredients. Nilla is on light food and eats twice a day with measured amounts.

    1. Becky Striepe

      The Nutro for indoor cats is what we were feeding ours, too! After the weight loss situation, we switched them to the not-indoor variety. Are you guys trying to slim her down?

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