How is Your Fall Garden Going?

seedlings cat
My cat Molly looking so innocent. What a trickster!

It’s been a while since I updated you about my fall garden plans! The seedlings are still chugging along, despite my cat’s best efforts.

It turns out that cats like to eat the dew leaves off of seedlings. Some friends warned me about this, but Molly was so well behaved at first that I was sure she was going to leave them alone. Not so! My studio is now a cat free zone until these babies are ready to go into the ground.

The Great Seedling Massacre of 2011 was only about a week after I started sprouting, and my farmer friend Duane assured me that being a week behind was no problem.


So! How are things going in your fall garden? What are you planting? How close are you to putting things into pots or in the ground? Spill it!

And we’d love for you to take our poll, if you’re interested in sharing what your fall garden is going to grow!

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