“How I Became An Elephant” Screening At Animal Rights Conference

how i became an elephantThis week’s Animal Rights Conference 2012 in Washington D.C. will be host to tons of great vegan food, animal rights speakers, and discussions of the environment and activism.

But interspersed between lobbying techniques and catered vegan dining, there will be movie screenings for participants. If you are a documentary lover (a.k.a. Netflix addict) like me you might be interested in one film being screened across the country,ย How I Became An Elephant.

This film takes a look at a young girl “on a mission to save elephants.” ย But what she discovers in the process is a newfound love and admiration for “The Elephant Lady” of South East Asia, while inadvertently inspiring an entire movement.

Put on by the activist-centered production company Rattle the Cage,ย Elephant is a heart-warming tale, but also, an extremely important one, according to the filmmakers:

“The Asian elephant is in severe trouble in all range states. Problems facing the Asian elephant are deforestation, human encroachment, poaching and now tourism. With exponential growth of tourism in Thailand comes an increasing demand for wild-caught Burmese elephants. Dozens of wild-caught elephants are smuggled into Thailand every month to support the demand. Street performing elephants in Thailand fall victim to automobile accidents, landmines, malnourishment, and severe mistreatment.”

The mixture of great storytelling, investigative journalism and character development makesย Elephant a must-see for animal lovers, activists, environmentalists, locavores or anyone at all who cares about community and the natural inhabitants that come along with it.

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, safari-partners

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