Hot Summer? Cool off with Wonderful Watermelon!

Nothing heralds summertime to me quite like watermelon. Reminiscent of childhood picnics and parties, this sweet, pink, fleshy fruit always cools me down on hot days. Did you know that watermelon:

  • helps with inflammation?
  • may help prevent asthma when eaten?
  • is concentrated with amazing antioxidants?
  • prevents colon cancer, diabetes and arthritis from developing?
  • happens to be a a great internal cleanser as it’s more than 90% water?
  • is a great source of vitamins A & C? 
  • contains beta carotine?
  • has a high lycopene content? 
  • aids in free radical elimination and may prevent cancer formation?

 This scrumptious cooling fruit originally came from Africa. According to Wikipedia, watermelon “a traditional food plant in Africa…has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable landcare.”  

It is a truly wonderful, soothing superfood that promotes healthy digestion. So next time you see this lovely melon at your farmer’s market, organic grocery, or festive picnic, have some, it is not only delicious and filling, it is better for you than you may have thought!

2 thoughts on “Hot Summer? Cool off with Wonderful Watermelon!”

  1. We planted “Moon and Stars” watermelon in our garden. The plants are doing great, and even the leaves have little star-like speckles on them; beautiful!
    I just heard another thing that watermelon is good for: It have “viagra-like effects”. Granted, you’d have to eat 6 cups of watermelon to get that effect, and it kind of would defeat the purpose since it does “clean you out”…

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