Host A Film Festival To Celebrate Food Day 2012 October 24

Food Day 2012 Film Screening Guide

Food Day 2012 rapidly approaches โ€”ย a day we hope to inspire ourselves and others to eat real food.ย If you want to participate, but you’re still wondering how, have you considered hosting a real food film festival?

The Food Day organizers have created a Food Day 2012 Film Screening Guide to help you plan your own Oscar-worthy real food celebration.ย The guide shares a fabulous list of real food films, including classics like Super Size Me, Food, Inc., and King Corn. It also highlights other online resources you can present at your very own Food Day soiree. To top it all off, it provides a few Food Day film festival hosting tips.

If you like the Film Screening Guide, but you’re not sure you’ve found the right clips to share, check out the works of the Perennial Plate. Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine take food seriously as they travel the country (and now the world) to discover what food really means. Their work is enlightening, and they inspire me.

Not in the mood to organize an event? Check out the Food Day Event Guide to find celebrations in your area.

I’ll be traveling for work on Food Day this year, but my family will celebrate it at some point this week. What are your plans? How will you inspire yourself and others to eat real food?

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  1. Sarah – that’s great. If you’re so inclined, we’d love to have a post-party review from you! What food did folks bring? How did you recognize food day? Thanks for reading…

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