Honey – The Cure For Just About Anything

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I find it hard to identify my favorite Ayurvedic remedy but if I must pinpoint a wonder-drug then honey is probably the first that comes to mind. The health benefits of honey are plenty, it has been used as a medicine for centuries.

Extremely high in antioxidants, honey is a great immune booster and has huge benefits for almost every dosha. Moreover, its soothing quality makes it perfect for healing wounds. Ayurvedically speaking, it has been used for situations related to internal or external bleeding.

There are a few specific substances in Ayurveda that actually increase the efficacy of other herbs or medicines if they are mixed into the compound. Honey is one such example which is why it is commonly mixed with various other herbs in a single dosage. For children the sweetness of honey makes other mostly bitter herbs, more palatable. For adults it simply aids absorption.

More honey remedies after the jump.

Home Remedies That Use Honey

Here are a few tips on how to use honey in your home remedies:

Boost Your Eye Health

To keep your eyes healthy, take 1 tsp of honey with a glass of carrot juice one hour before breakfast. Do this regularly and see the difference.

Expectorate Your Cough

If you are coughing, the take equal quantities of honey mixed with ginger juice. The mixtures will help you almost immediately to expectorate mucus providing relief for the common cold, coughs and sore throat.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

1 tsp garlic juice mixed with two tsp honey, taken twice a day in the mornings and evenings is extremely beneficial for high blood pressure.

The Honey Book is a highly recommended read about the health benefits of honey.

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9 thoughts on “Honey – The Cure For Just About Anything”

  1. I have not studied Honey very much but have often heard and read good things. However I notice that no one ever states which form of honey is the best(I assume Raw, unprocessed is best?)

  2. A valid question Dave. Yes absolutely, raw and unprocessed. In fact according to Ayurveda, the moment honey is processed, it turns toxic. So, beware of cookies and sweet stuff that is made with honey instead of sugar!

    Also, local honey is undoubtedly the best for wherever you are. That being said in this day and age, we need to beware of what we can find locally. In India for example, there is more commercially produced honey than natural honeycomb collectors. Now just think about that!

  3. Hi Reenita,
    You mention honey when processed, turns toxic. Is it also true when it is taken with warm/hot milk/water ?

  4. Keep in mind that these recommendations come from Ayurvedic medical practices, some of which are based on 5000 year old beliefs. It’s fascinating to read perspectives on medicinal foods, certainly. I tried to find information on honey and toxicity when heated. It seems even the Honey board recommends recipes where the honey would be baked or heated.

    There are, however, situations where honey is not recommended. CHILDREN UNDER ONE YEAR OF AGE should not be given honey.

    There is also honey from regions in NZ where the honey is very toxic, because of the pollen the bees gather from two very poisonous plants.

    Interesting stuff.

  5. In response to Aparna’s question, honey can certainly be added to warm or hot milk. What should be avoided is cooking/boiling milk with honey. It is the action of boiling/cooking that processes or changes the chemical bonds of the the ingredient.

  6. Honey is also good for Asthma:

    Ginger is another good relief for asthma. You can blanch ginger, add honey and drink it for relief. Ginger has many good qualities as a remedy; it is good to keep some ginger at home just in case you will need it to make a remedy for your health.

  7. As Beth pointed out, you do have to be careful with some raw honeys, as bees can feed on poisonous flowers too, and there have been some cases of tutu poisoning in New Zealand. Ironically New Zealand also produces one of the most healing honeys in the world, with the UMF manuka honey having unique antibacterial properties over and above the hydrogen peroxide activity found in all honey (only some manuka honey contains this non-peroxide activity).

  8. Reenita, I’m jumping back to the first comment and am wondering what you mean by processed? Do you mean honey becomes toxic when baked with other products? Or do you mean when it becomes liquified from its honey comb state?

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