Homemade Halloween Treats: 5 Recipes

Homemade Halloween treats sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between eating well and wanting to indulge a little. When you become more aware of the things you eat and put into your body it can be a struggle to just kick back and eat some old fashioned junk food. Halloween is no exception. There are tempting treats everywhere! How do you indulge while still knowing that you’re being nice to your body (or at least nicer)? ย Here are 5 Halloween treat recipes sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without all of the processed sugars, chemicals, and ingredients you can’t pronounce.ย 

1. Candy Corn

The Urban Housewife gives us a recipe for a veganized version of candy corn. This is a staple Halloween treat that I always crave around this time of year. If you have allergies or prefer not to use them, you can omit the dyes or use natural/vegetable based versions.

2. Lollipops

Over on Funky Food Allergies, there is a recipe for making lollipops using agave nectar! The recipe states you could also use rice syrup or honey. This is a great base recipe to add any sort of coloring or natural flavoring that you can dream of.

3. Pumpkin Seed Brittle

I suppose brittle isn’t considered a standard Halloween treat, but I absolutely love brittle and this one utilizes pumpkin seeds. The Daily Green gives us a recipe from Alton Brown for pumpkin seed brittle that sounds absolutely mouth-watering. There are sweet and salty elements coming together to form the perfect cozy treat. This recipe makes plenty for you and to share with friends!

4. Peanut Butter Cups

Who doesn’t love the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter? Have Cake Will Travel gives us a recipe for natural and vegan peanut butter cups. There is nothing better than a few simple ingredients coming together to create a little bit of heaven!

5. Popcorn Balls

Finally, Nature Nest gives us a popcorn ball recipe using agave nectar and molasses instead of corn syrup. You could also use honey if you so desired and add any sort of additions to your liking. I could see these being great with some good quality chocolate drizzled on top. That’s what’s great about home made: you make it the way you like it!

Now, I’m not claiming that these recipes are health food! Most everything is ok in moderation, and luckily these recipes make enough to share! We’re all going to indulge at some point and it’s best to indulge with decadent, homemade treats using natural and quality ingredients. Do you have any favorite decadent treats that you like to partake in? I would love to see some recipes and try them out!

candy image by Sidereal via Flickr Creative Commons
candy corn image by caradeirdre via Flickr Creative Commons
lollipops image by ciaokatelinn via Flickr Creative Commons
pumpkin seeds image by djbones via Flickr Creative Commons
peanut butter cups image by Meryl CA via Flickr Creative Commons
popcorn ball image by newwavegurly via Flickr Creative Commons

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