Homemade Chocolate Made Easy

Homemade ChocolateHave you been wanting to try your hand at homemade chocolate but weren’t sure where to start? There’s a kit for that!

Julie Finn over at our sister site Crafting a Green World shares a review of the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. The kit comes from the folks who make Glee Gum, and it looks like a lot of fun! Julie used the kit to make homemade chocolate with her kids, and you can read her experience with it below.

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What makes the kit sound super awesome is that you not only do you learn how to make homemade chocolate, but you get to learn about chocolate, so it’s educational too! If you want to see how the homemade chocolate kit works and what Julie thought, you can read her review below!

Julie is also going to be giving away a homemade chocolate kit at Crafting a Green World tomorrow (December 31), so make sure you check over there and enter!

Handmade Reviews: The Make Your own Chocolate Kit from Glee Gum (and a Giveaway!) (via http://craftingagreenworld.com)

Ever wondered if you could make your own chocolate? You totally can! It turns out that chocolate is a pretty do-able DIY project, and easy to customize with your own mix-ins and flavor combinations. Never had a peanut butter/sesame seed/dried cranberry…

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