High-fiber Foods Shown to Aid in Weight Loss

Not surprisingly, a new study found that people who increase their intake of high-fiber foods like nuts, fruits and vegetable lose weight.

The researchers believe that eating these foods leaves less room for more fatty foods, like french fries, which the study determined is the food that leads to the most weight gain – up to three lbs over four years.

It is likely due to the fiber content. Fiber takes up room in food and fills you up, but it cannot be disgested by the body, so there are no calories. The fiber essential takes up room that other caloric food would otherwise likely fill.

According to Dariush Mozaffarian, the lead author of the study

“Their inverse associations with weight gain suggest that the increase in their consumption reduced the intake of other foods to a greater (caloric) extent, decreasing the overall amount of energy consumed.

“Higher fiber content and slower digestion of these foods would augment satiety, and their increased consumption would also displace other, more highly processed foods in the diet.”

How to increase your fiber intake

Increasing fiber intake doesn’t have to be painful.

Substituting whole grains in for some refined grains can make a big difference, but this isn’t easy if you are accustomed to refined grains.

Basically, if aren’t really keen on whole grains and you try to change things that you like by adding whole grains, you’re probably setting yourself failure.

While making the switch to whole grain bread or whole grain pasta can be daunting for those used to the white varieties, a good way to try to switch is to try something entirely different.

As an example, if you always have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread, try an almond butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Yes, it won’t taste like your white bread PBJ, but it’s not supposed to. For pasta, try adding a vegetable you’ve never tried or a different sauce, like a cashew pesto sauce. Being creative is a good way to try to change your habits.

Fruits, nuts, vegetables are all high in fiber, so sneak them into your salads or eat them as snacks. Try a banana nut smoothie, which tastes a lot less healthy than it is.

For those with an open mind, try a veggie burger instead of a traditional burger. They are also a good way to get some more fiber and nutrients in your diet. Try adding hummus on your burger or sandwich.

Source: BBC News

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by IainBuchanan

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