Help End Farm Animal Abuse

Factory farm pigs are typically raised in small pens with slatted or concrete floors and metal bars.

Not only is meat hard on the environment, a lot of conventional meat and dairy production is cruel to the animals involved. Animals in factory farms live in horrendous conditions, receiving copious amounts of antibiotics to mitigate the diseases that these conditions breed.

If you want to do your part to help these farm animals, there are a few things you can do:

Go Vegan or Vegetarian

Cutting out or cutting back on the animal products in our diets makes a huge difference. The average vegetarian saves over 50 animals from slaughter every year. Even if you replaced a portion of the meat in your diet with plant food, you’d be making an impact.

Support Farm Animal Rescue

Organizations like Farm Sanctuary do great work rescuing animals that have been abused on farms. Whether you volunteer or donate, you’re helping these folks give abused animals a chance at a happy life.

Get Heard

Check out the Care2 petition urging US President Obama and UK Prime Minister Cameron to speak out against factory farming.

If you aren’t interested in signing a petition and you do eat meat, you can vote with your wallet! Spend the extra cash to buy free range, organic meat. It might mean eating less meat, but if also means higher quality, reduced-cruelty food in your kitchen and in your body.

What other ways can folks take action against factory farms?

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo via Farm Sanctuary]

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5 thoughts on “Help End Farm Animal Abuse”

  1. doreen rosanen

    Personally I eat very, very little meat and I feel just wonderful, weightwise, thinking and looks,
    thanks to the animals who do not have to bear pain and suffering for me. I am happy, very
    happy and pleased with myself, and this is all that matters. Animals, also have taught me
    the proper way inwhich to live – simply, and loving all of God's animals, and the environment.

  2. We eat a mostly lacto-ovo veg diet, and the milk we drink is from humanely raised and pasture-fed animals. The eggs come from cage-free chickens. On the occasions we eat actual meat, it is never, NEVER conventional, factory-farm meat.

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