Healthy Snacks? Health Warrior Chia Bars

Healthy Snacks Chia Bars

I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks for the road, and I was excited to try Health Warrior’s new Chia Bars.

We love chia seeds around here, so when the folks at Health Warrior offered to send me some of their chia bars to try, I said “Yes, please!” I’d been really good about making my own granola bars at home, but since having my baby, some of that from-scratch cooking has gone out the window. I don’t eat granola bars every day, but I do like having them around for a quick snack when I realize that I’m hungry but am also flying out the door.

Chia Bars: Healthy Snacks or Secret Candy Bar?

Health Warrior’s chia bars are small, you guys, and I think that’s actually a good thing. Let’s be honest here: granola bars tend to be high in sugar, whether the base is oats, wheat, or chia seeds. By limiting the size of the bar, Health Warrior is able to keep the sugar in their chia bars to 4-5 grams per serving and only 100-110 calories.

Compare that to more popular granola bars, like Nature Valley, that clock in a close to 200 calories and 12 grams of sugar per serving. Still, even the Health Warrior bars have sugar (brown rice syrup) as the second ingredient, so I wouldn’t consider these a meal replacement by any means.

Think of them maybe as healhier snacks, rather than totally healthy snacks. You can grab an apple and a handful of cashews on the go, too. This is just a little more convenient, and sometimes going for convenience is OK! I had these in my purse on a recent plane trip, and between those and the bag of cashews that I always carry with me, I was able to snack at the airport without worrying about hunting down a vegan option.

Unlike a lot of commercial granola bars, Health Warrior Chia Bars are also vegan and gluten free. Some of their bars are also non-GMO certified. You can check The Non-GMO Project’s Health Warrior page for the list of verified products in their line.

Like any other granola bar, I’d consider these a sometimes food, but on a couple of busy mornings, I was glad that I had these in the house. They sent me four varieties to try:

  • Banana Nut – This one was pretty good, but not my fave. I’m not always into a strong banana flavor, and the freeze dried bananas in this bar did shine through in the taste. If you like banana, you’ll love this one!
  • AΓ§ai Berry – I think this one was a little bit misleading, since they contain aΓ§ai, but there are a lot more dried cranberries than aΓ§ai berries in this bar. Dried cranberries are the 5th ingredient, and freeze dried aΓ§ai powder is ingredient #9.
  • Coconut – I was not expecting to be wowed by this one, but it was my favorite by far. It had 4 grams of sugar, rather than 5, and the slightly crunchy chia texture combined really well with a mellow coconut flavor. If I were going to keep some emergency chia bars at home, these would be the ones.
  • Apple Cinnamon – This is another one that pleasantly surprised me. There were bits of chewy dried apples, and while it had 5 grams of sugar, it didn’t taste overly sweet like a lot of apple cinnamon products I’ve tried.

So, what do you guys think? Are these healthy snacks or just another granola bar? What are some of your favorite on-the-go snacky foods?

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