Healthy Eating Made Easy: Easy and Delicious Healthy Snacks

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Healthy eating should never feel like a burden. If you find it truly difficult then it’s time to discover new healthy foods to treat yourself to.

It’s always wise to eat smart and read labels when you’re in the grocery store. Staying away from processed or non-organic foods can make a huge impact on your health and can help you avoid guilty pleasures that you might not have realized were harmful to your health or the environment. For example, in the U.S. there are no labels on meat from cloned animals, or about whether or not it comes from a factory farm!

Another reason to avoid processed food: Did you know that in the U.S. cereal companies often contain unlabeled genetically modified ingredients? Basically when you pick up a box of Lucky Charms you will never know which ingredients make them ‘Magically delicious.’ Here are some of our favorite recipes and healthy snacks that make healthy eating easy!

Easy Cheap Snacks:

  • Carrot Sticks
  • Cucumbers (Slice and soak in vinegar: They’ll taste better and the acidity of the vinegar will curb your appetite)
  • Any fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Raisins or any other organic dried fruit
  • Nuts (Unsalted)
  • Dry air-popped popcorn
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Rice Cakes with Peanut butter

Delicious Recipes for Healthy Eating:

Of course, there are lots of other simple, snack foods that can help make healthy eating easy and delicious! We’d love to hear some of your favorite healthy snacks in the comments.

Melanie Kozlan is the Senior Content Director of Four Green Steps: Your one-destination for all things Green as well as the World’s largest Green marketplace!

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Made Easy: Easy and Delicious Healthy Snacks”

  1. I agree, healthy eating should always be a daily normal routine. It’s hard for people to get accustomed to it. But something has to change because obesity is a top killer. Great page!

  2. Yes, it is really hard to eat healthy.
    It could be made easier if magazines and other parts of the media showed good healthy food instead of promoting “diets” to make folk ill – sorry, they are purporting to make people attractive.

    There should be so much more emphasis on healthy eating than on “diet”. In modern definitions, “diet” now has negative connotations, in so many areas. It just needs to be pushed even more that we could get “diet” back to what it used to mean: “how one eats”. As opposed to what and how little.

    Thank you for the article – I’ll go and enjoy some more cucumber in vinegar now!

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