Healthy Eating and Drinking on a Budget

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So Your Body Needs Protein

Your body needs 1g of protein per pound of body-weight per day to build and maintain muscle. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the best steaks, salmon, and beef there is. Save those for special occasions and go with other sources of protein like eggs, milk, canned tuna, frozen chicken breast, ground turkey, and cottage cheese. These are considered “whole protein” and eating it with each meal helps fat loss as protein has a higher thermic effect than other food.

Buy in Bulk and In Season

There are always sales going on on things like pastas, frozen veggies, rice, and oats when you buy them in bulk. So do so. You will save trips to the grocery store and money. And in-season fruits and veggies not only taste better, but are cheaper as well. Root vegetables in the Winter. Apples & squash in the Fall. Broccoli & berries in the Summer.

Check the Local Farmers Market

They aren’t always cheaper, but you can definitely find a lot of good deals, and they are always willing to give away free stuff when you buy a lot. Not only that – these vegetables are a lot more fresh, and the fresher a vegetable or fruit is, the more healthy it is.

Other ways of saving money are simple concepts like buying everything from one place, drinking tap water, clipping coupons, and getting good with leftovers. Buying generic food is a great way to start. It may taste, well slightly different, but once you get used to it is the same thing. Instead of of buying Cheerios, buy brand name oats, instead of buying Jiff, buy the store brand peanut butter (the natural kind), and instead of buying MonaVie health drinks, buy some of the store brand orange juice.

Not only does eating healthy require discipline, but so does doing it on a budget. Unhealthy foods can be so tempting and even more so when they are cheap. Stick to these methods however and you should be on your way to a healthy, yet affordable, lifestyle.

This article was written by Philip Rudy. Philip helps to run and maintain www.MMun.com, which is a company that provides healthy drinks.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by bcmom

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