Happy National Margarita Day

national margarita day

Happy National Margarita Day! These sweet and sour alcoholic beverages are so much fun to sip by the pool or on the patio. If it’s too cool to sit outside where you are, don’t worry โ€“ the tequila will warm you up.

A margarita at its most basic is a blend of tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and (though some may disagree with me) simple syrup. It can be served frozen or not, over ice or not, and in a salt-rimmed glass or not. My favorite combination is a frozen margarita in the classic bowl-shaped glass with salt on the rim.

A good margarita starts with the tequila. The other flavors of the margarita won’t cover up a rotgut tequila. Several good brands of tequila are available in the $15-30 range for the plata variety. If you want to go a little fancier and get an even smoother feel, try a reposado, which has been aged a bit. I like Republic Tequila — it’s not just tasty, it’s also organic — but use whatever brand you like.

Click here to check out a good, basic margarita recipe and some recipes to mix things up on National Margarita Day!

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