Hangover Cures from Your Pantry

Hangover Cures from Your Pantry

Did you maybe overdo it last night at the bar? Don’t worry! Try some of these natural hangover cures to stay comfortable while you recover.

My inner mom is forcing me to say that the best hangover cure is to just pace yourself in the first place. As a person who’s struggled through my fair share of hangovers, though, I know that’s not very helpful advice right now. If it’s too late to match your boozy drinks with glasses of water, our sister site Green Living Ideas has a great list of hangover cures for you.

Want more hangover-fighting foods? Check out this list!

These food-based hangover cures aren’t going to make you feel 100 percent better. What they will do is help settle your stomach and soothe your pounding head, so you’ll be more comfortable. The only real cure for hangovers is time. The goal of these hangover cures is to make you less miserable during your recovery time.

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Natural Home Remedies for Hangovers (via Green Living Ideas)

Getting hangovers is so fun…until you have one. Then, it’s just hell. Here are the best natural home remedies for that pounding head, queasy stomach, wretching gut, blurry vision, and ears that just won’t…stop…ringing! There are some common…

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