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If you, like me, are planning a vegetable garden for next spring, you’re spending this winter studying seed catalogs, deciding what to grow, and testing old seeds for germination.

Let’s say you’ve already decided which seeds to order. But what about determining how many seeds to order?

Different varieties have different seeding rates, sowing strategies, spacing between plants, and yield. All of these variables need to be considered when determining what size seed packet to order for each variety.

While you can find this information scattered throughout most seed catalogs, it’s handy to have all of that information in one place.

Lucky for us, Territorial Seed Company offers a free planting chart on their website that does just that. The planting chart documents how many seeds are needed to plant a 100-foot row and gives estimates of yield per row, in addition to other useful information.

Since I need to hit a target weight for each variety of vegetable I grow on the farm this spring, this chart is really helpful in planning out what’s going to go where in my beds. I hope it helps you too!

Image courtesy of run dorkas run via a Creative Commons license.

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