Growing Vegetables: The Only Guide You Need! [Infographic]

Growing Vegetables: The Only Guide You Need! [Infographic]

Growing Vegetables: The Only Guide You Need! [Infographic]I’ve been growing vegetables for a few years now — well, trying to. I subscribe to a lot of gardening magazines and dozens of how-to-grow newsletters. I own at least 20 books filled with information on soil, seeds, plant spacing, and container gardening. And I just learned I’ve wasted loads of time and money because a creative soul has managed to compile most of the information you need for growing vegetables into one easy-to-read picture.

Take a look at this infographic. You’ll learn what plants grow well in containers and how to plant them. You’ll discover how to build a raised bed and which vegetables grow best in them. You’ll find guidance on how much food you can fit in each square foot of your garden and which varieties grow well together. Delightfully drawn and pretty dang comprehensive. Wow.

Not to be too greedy, but I’d be sooooo happy if the artist would incorporate information about when to plant seeds indoors and out (including required soil temperatures), how long it takes for seeds to germinate, and how long before plants begin producing mature fruit. Oh and how to control pests. That would be awesome.

If you’re looking for a keep-it-simple approach to growing vegetables, this infographic may just be the only guide you need.

Learn more about what I’ve learned about growing vegetables in these posts I’ve written about my spring vegetable garden:

May your veggies be bountiful!

Infographic Source: via Daily Infographic

Image Credit: Growing Vegetables via Shutterstock

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