Growing Food on Your Supermarket

Growing produce on commercial rooftops is a great way to cut down on food miles. It is really catching on in some places.

A company, BrightFarms, is looking to push this trend further and reduce food miles to zero by setting up rooftop greenhouses on the supermarket.

The agreement between BrightFarms and a supermarket is pretty simple. BrightFarms takes care of all of the building, maintenence, harvesting, etc while the supermarket signs an agreement to buy what is made on the rooftop from BrightFarms.

Vegetables like heirloom tomatoes and salad greens could soon be covering rooftops in your city. Such a setup would allow fruits and vegetables to be picked when they are ripe rather than picked for shelf life, increasing taste and nutrition, all while making food “ultra-local”.

BrightFarms claims that hydroponic methods that will uses less than 1/10th the water and 1/20th the space of conventional agriculture.

Source: Good

Photo: BrightFarms

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