Grow Your Own Mushrooms. It’s Easy!

Grow Your Own Mushrooms
Grow Your Own Mushrooms

I’m growing my own mushrooms.

Shocked? I was too as I watched a brown cardboard box with a plastic bag of “something” become host to a crop of fresh fungus in less than a week.

I ordered my “grow your own mushroom garden” from Back To The Roots, a California company that sells small mushroom gardens-to-be in boxes filled with recycled coffee grounds. Slice the bag of growing medium, soak it overnight, and mist twice a day. I went out of town a few days after starting my crop and was pleasantly surprised to see a lovely bunch of mushrooms welcoming me home. I plucked one, rinsed it, and chowed down. Earthy and fresh. Even more so because I grew it myself — from a cardboard box no less!

Back To The Roots focuses on reducing waste, engaging communities, and supporting schools. You can even sell their grown-your-own-mushroom kits to raise school funds. And personally, I’d buy more mushroom kits than wrapping paper rolls or popcorn tins. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that opinion.

Can’t forage for mushrooms in the wild? Grow them on your kitchen counter!

Image Credit: Mary Gerush

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