Grow Your Own Food Challenge: The Best Potting Mix for Starting Seeds

At the last farm I worked on, we made our own potting mix from compost, peat, and vermiculite. It was specially formulated for growing microgreens, and pretty gorgeous stuff. After working with such high-quality growing media, I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing a potting mix for the seedlings I’m starting at home.

Most commercial potting mixes are highly variable from bag to bag and, let’s face it, all around pretty junky. So when a highly successful organic farmer in my area told me that he uses Beautiful Land Products to start his seeds, I quickly ordered some for myself and for the farm where I’m currently working.

Beautiful Land’s organic growing media are by far the best commercial potting mixes I’ve seen. I’ve been using the #12 Germination Mix to start slower-growing plants such as parsley, fennel, and leeks, and the #10 Compost Plus Germination Mix to start everything else (my tomatoes LOVE it).

What makes Beautiful Land’s potting mixes so different from the usual stuff you buy at nurseries or garden centers is their reliability. These mixes are always high-quality. And unlike most potting mixes on the market, Beautiful Land’s contain a full array of micro-nutrients for additional nutrition.

At $15-16 per bag (before shipping), Beautiful Land’s potting mix isn’t cheap, but if you’re serious about growing your own food this season, I think these products are well worth the cost.

Image courtesy of WindsurfGirl via a Creative Commons license.

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