Grow Your Own Food Challenge: Reader Garden

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I launched the Grow Your Own Food Challenge to help motivate myself to get growing and hopefully inspire other readers to hop on board and grow some food of their own. You guys have shared some great tips and experiences in the comments, and I wanted to share some email excerpts from reader Garp who’s got a nice food garden of his own going:

I have been hosting home-grown food parties here at work and am really starting to advocate home gardening and chicken raising here. I grow starters in the house and plant them once the frosts pass and give away the starters that I don’t have room for in my limited gardening area. I’m really getting people involved with home gardening and I can see my influence spreading beyond the people I helped get going. Sometimes people just need a push and to see your results to get the fire lit under them.

Don’t you just love the idea of home-grown food parties? Sharing your bounty with other gardeners in a pot luck situation is a great way to grow community and spread the word about the joys of growing food.

I think people should garden for many reasons:

1) The kids. It teaches the kids delayed gratification and the joy of seeing something actually grow from their efforts.
2) Having food canned from your labor can make the thin times not so hard knowing you at least have something on the shelves.
3) Most importantly: fresh food tastes better!

starting seeds

Amen to all of that! I hear parents complain that their kids won’t eat veggies, and getting them involved in the growing is a great way to get them to try fresh veggies that they might not have been interested in before.

Are any of you growing your own food? I’d love to hear your stories. Feel free to hit me up through the contact page. I know, contact pages can seem a bit cold, but I promise that the form sends an email right to my inbox. I love hearing from you guys, so don’t be shy!

Photos via Garp. Used with permission.

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