Greenpeace Activists Repeatedly Locking Themselves to Amflora GM Potato Warehouse in Sweden

greenpeace sweden gmo activist

This is Greenpeace — they research potential environmental issues, they pick the few most important (i.e. global climate change, long-term nuclear risk, GMOs), they educate and politic for a better future, and — if needed — they chain themselves to things.

Check out their most recent news on anti-GMO activism in Sweden:

Our activists in Sweden are still at it, working tirelessly as seed season approaches to stop the planting of the Amflora GM potato. Last week, we told you about the blockade and occupation of the potato warehouse and the arrest of activists earlier this week.

You can read the rest of the letter and more about these anti-GMO protests over on our sister site,

Photo via Greenpeace.

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