Green Diva’s Guide to Delicious Living: Sustainable Alternative for Plastic Lunch Baggies

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Plum Creek Mercantileis on to something . . . I am someone who not only packs my own lunch for work everyday, but also still makes lunch (most days) for my remaining teenage daughter who is now a sophomore in high school. I have always regretted the many plastic bags I have used to get my three daughters through school. While I have tried various reusable containers, honestly . . . most of them disappeared, didn’t get into the dish washing cycle fast enough, or were just plain uncool and the kids wouldn’t use them. I’ve tried washing plastic baggies, but the sandwich ones just don’t wash well. ick. I’ve recently purchased some plastic baggies made from recycled plastic and bioplastic. better. But, I’m always looking for new items to contain and carry nutritious food for myself and my not-so-wee ones (anymore).

I’m sure there are other bags like these out there, but honestly, I haven’t run into them yet. The Feed Bags, for lunches, etc. are great for dry goods and sandwiches. They are 100% cotton and are washable. phew. They have a good velcro-style opening, and they seem strong enough to hold the food, but easy enough for little hands to open.

Bulk Food Bags

Plum Creek Mercantile’s answer to paper or plastic bags to cart bulk foods from your favorite health food store, grocery store or food coop is well thought out. Clearly the designer of this Bulk Foodย Bag is someone who has experience buying grains, beans, nuts and other dry goods in bulk and has wrestled with guessing the right amount, only to get home and have just a cup or so extra. ugh. These wonderful 100% cotton (some are organic cotton!) are sized to hold the proper amount for a gallon jar or quart jar. The clear window helps you see what you’ve got and the white ‘label’ area is where you can put the bin #, price or whatever is necessary for pricing at your store.

These handy dandy items are sold in a little kit –ย 1 large bag, 1 small bag and a grease pen for $18. And of course, they are washable. Not bad . . .

The Feed Sacks are sold in a kit of 2 large bags, 2 small bags for $14.

I’m already online ordering more as I write this!

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  1. These look so cute! Just two questions:

    1. What kind of plastic is used for the clear window?

    2. Do you find that bread, etc go stale in the baggies?


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