Got A Healthy Holiday Recipe? Here’s A Contest For You.

Submit Your Healthy Holiday Recipe

If you are reading this blog, I appreciate you for (at least) two reasons:

  1. You’re interested in and doing your best to eat and drink “better” — whatever “better” means to you.
  2. You participate in a larger community. We can learn from each other, and you’re part of an experience that benefits us all.

Those two characteristics lead me to ask: “Do you have a fabulous, tasty, unique, healthy holiday recipe?”

If so, you might want to check out Attune Foods’ Healthy Holidays Recipe contest. Between now and the end of 2012, submit a holiday recipe for a healthy treat, a pie, a gluten-free delight, or some vegan nourishment using Attune Foods’ products, and you may win one of four fabulous rewards: a high quality food processor, stand mixer, cookware set, or knife set. Oh — and a six month supply of Attune Foods cereal. (Take a look at the rules for more details.)

Winners will be announced in January. (Are we really that close to the end of 2012?) I think we might all be winners as we share our healthy holiday recipes with the larger community.

Attune Foods produces cereals, graham crackers, and probiotic bars with an emphasis on “simple ingredients, simply made.” You can order their products online and find them at a number of popular grocery stores.

Image Credit: frankartculinary via Flickr/CC

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