Go Raw… Phytonutrients Are Good For You

By now everyone has probably heard something about this trend called the Raw Diet.  Surprise… it is good for you and here’s why.

Phytonutrients (plant nutrients) are found in fresh, uncooked plant foods.  These nutrients include antioxidants and are important for prevention of disease, especially cancers.  When food is cooked (above 130 degrees Fahrenheit) many of the nutrients are destroyed and no longer available for use by your body (enzymes start dieing at 106 degrees Fahrenheit).

It is easy to get complete protein while eating a plant based diet, which includes 8 amino acids.  Plant proteins are easier to digest and don’t clog our arteries like animal proteins do.  That said, even if you still choose to consume some animal products, you will benefit from adding Raw foods into your daily diet.  We all should strive to eat vegetarian or vegan at least two days a week in an effort to reduce our impact on this great planet.  I’ve found it very easy to replace a couple dinners a week with non-animal foods and still please my carnivorous husband.

Our household doesn’t consume a 100% Raw diet, but we do enjoy Raw foods with every meal and snack. I estimate that we are probably at a 50% Raw diet and a 90% Homemade diet.  I keep a bowl or platter of fresh fruit and another of ready to eat veggies in the fridge at all times, we  take these out for every meal and visit the fridge for a handful anytime someone has the munchies.  We also make our own yogurts (produced with a low heat to retain enzymes) out of coconut, rice and soy milks. We enjoy Raw juices as a nutritious treat. Over the next weeks, I will endeavor to share some of our favorite recipes that also happen to be Raw.

While on the lookout for new ready to eat snacks for our Gluten Free peeps, I stumbled across Go Raw Chocolate Super Cookies.  My kiddos love these small, crispy, chocolate-y treats.  They are gluten free, wheat free, and nut free.  The food is all live (dried at less than 105 degrees Fahrenheit), the seeds are sprouted, they are 100% organic and vegan.  The company is also family owned, the products are hand made in an all Raw kitchen.

I’m all about making our own foods whenever possible, but its nice to be able to purchase a snack I can carry with us while we are out and about or to grab a package when a shopping trip lasts longer than expected.

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