GMO’s and the Fruit Sticker: 8 is NOT Great! 9 is Fine!

All of the European Union nations, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries require the mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients–the U.S. does not.

As a result, food manufacturers in all those countries choose to use non-genetically engineered ingredients–the U.S. did not.

However, there is atleast one way to tell whether or not the fruit you eat is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)–the sticker. Yes, those colorful stickers we proudly wore on our shirts as kids actually serve a purpose–but you need to know how to decipher their code.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Got a pencil?

On each sticker is a number. The number tells you how the fruit was grown.

A 4 digit number means it was conventionally grown (using chemicals).

A 5 digit number beginning with a 9 means it was grown organically.

A 5 digit number beginning with an 8 means it was genetically modified

So by looking at the photo of the dole banana you know it is organic because of the 5 digit number beginning with 9, although in this case the sticker also proudly says “Organic”–even easier. But why then do we not proudly label a fruit (or any food for that matter) “GMO”?

Read the Organic Consumers section on Gentically Engineered Foods to answer that question.

Or, watch this video!

Finally, take action on this website.

And if you have a desire for some fruit sticker mosaic art visit Barry “Wildman” Snyder’s art website!

image credit: The Fair Tracing Project

6 thoughts on “GMO’s and the Fruit Sticker: 8 is NOT Great! 9 is Fine!”

  1. I hope these numbers are regulated somehow, otherwise all companies are going to use five-digit numbers beginning with 9 regardless of how their produce was grown just to sell more.

  2. What is wrong with our government? The US is the only one that doesn’t think enough of its citizens to allow us to know what we’re eating? Really? Are they trying to kill us?

  3. That lable stuff isnt always true. I ate a organic dole banana at trader joes and i got cramps in calf and ankle and my stomach, this is a effect a sign that i ate a gmo…. this is the second time …. i stop eating dole organic bananas for years but i tried again July 28, 2014. So…the food industry lies to keep there profit just like you write this article from reading other articles not really in touch with people in the real world because ya been so-called educated to promote there adgenda and you do no even no it or think about the true picture…we all just rats on the experiment wheel to the powers to be…i want to leave america. The toxic food industry has ruin my life an i thought i was eating healthy what a lie: Health food is a lie, natural food a lie these are marketing words to sell toxic foods and the people went for this BS (me included) now everyone is sick with toxic-food, they got all types of names gmo, bpa.msg plastic, pesticides herbicides etc all toxic. I just like to…. i am so mad and discussed the food industry has killed so many people it totally destroy my health and life. The sad think is ya can not tell medical people this they think you are lying, It goes against what they were taught educated on. So….What can i do….i changed my eating ways…i would love too sue them but i am broke but i legally have documentated my 15 years struggle with these toxic foods maybe some people want too do something or doing something and may be i can get involved let me know

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