GMO Right2Know March

The GMO Right2Know March is a 313 mile walk to the White House in support of labeling genetically engineered food.

Hundreds of people are expected to march part or all of the route to arrive at the White House on October 16 (Food Day) and demand genetically modified foods be labeled.

Elsewhere in the world, genetically engineered foods are labeled. Consumers in other countries have the freedom of choice that comes with knowing what is in their food.

The GMO Right2Know March is being spurred on by recent court decisions to approve genetically modified alfalfa to be grown without restrictions and to hold Bayer responsible for LibertyLink contamination of rice, the lawsuit by organic farmers and seed sellers against Monsanto, the growth of the U.S. organic industry to $28.6 billion in 2010, and the overwhelming interest in the Non-GMO Project.

The GMO Right2Know March starts on October 1 in New York City and continues through October 16, when marchers will arrive at the White House in Washington, D.C. Marchers can walk all of the route or just part of it. Check the route map for a list of rallies, meeting points, and overnight stays. I love October 10 and 11 – β€œscenic march through organic and GMO farms”. Sounds lovely.

What Can You Do?

Join the GMO Right2Know March. They need help with organizers, fundraisers, outreach, housing, transportation, and probably more.

Get a head start on legislation that requires labeling genetically modified foods. Currently, there is no legislation in Congress to label GMOs.

Get fit for the march. There’s a march fitness training guide on the site.

Image by Thadd Selden, used with Creative Commons license.

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