Thoughts on Giving Up Coffee: Share Yours!

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We had a nice discussion over on the Facebook page about giving up coffee, and I thought it might be nice to continue the conversation over here.

My coffee drinking habits are a little on the odd side. Since I had surgery a couple of years ago, my coffee drinking has shifted from a first thing in the morning cup to craving coffee right after lunch. During recovery, coffee didn’t appeal to me at all and I pretty much slept through the withdrawal headaches. After I was all healed up, though, somehow I started drinking a cup in the afternoons to sort of get past that post-lunch slump.

I have to say that sometimes I miss the ritual of morning coffee. What I don’t miss is feeling like a coffee zombie in the mornings until I have that first cup. Waking up is a whole new experience since pushing that morning cup to the early afternoon.

Giving Up Coffee

The other day, I was having tea with a friend who mentioned that he’d totally given up coffee, and it got me thinking. Caffeine isn’t exactly healthy, and even fair trade, organic, and shade grown coffee comes with a hefty carbon foodprint thanks to the long distances it travels from the plantation to your mug. Lots of folks give up coffee, so I posed the question over at Facebook. You guys had lots to say! Some helpful, some hilarious, some both. Here are a few reader comments on giving up coffee:

Tricia Ballad: I am in a long-term committed relationship with coffee. :)

Nikee Huntington: Gave up coffee, started brewing Kombucha and sooooooooo happy :)

Rachel Shulman: Give up coffee? I understand what the individual words mean but when strung together I have no idea what you’re talking about ;)

Stacy Truhlar McKee: I gave up caffiene (coffee, tea and soda) about 7 years ago. If I really wanted a coffee-like beverage I would drink Roma, a coffee substitute made from grain, but I am fine without it. Sometimes I like to have some herbal tea. My only other source of caffiene is chocolate, and since I am now on the path of giving up sugar, I stick to very dark chocolate (70% or greater) and just have a small piece after a meal.

Cathy Guild: Funny, I dont drink coffee on the weekends and Im fine, but come work Monday… Cant/Wont function till my first sip. I do have acid reflex so I should quit, just need help & the strength to…

I thought these comments shed a lot of light on our coffee addictions, both physical and mental, and offer some really interesting solutions and alternatives to that cup of joe.

So, what about you guys? Are you coffee drinkers? Are you working on giving up coffee? Let’s talk tips and experiences!

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  1. Ashley

    I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I love the flavor but I hate how it makes me feel. I (mostly) gave it up for almost a year in exchange for green tea, then started back at the suggestion of a doctor who thought it might help my sluggish bowels. Now I’m dealing with adrenal fatifue & coffee is a big no-no for that. I’ve switched to decaf but it still makes me feel bad. I also tried Teecino but haven’t been able to acquire a taste for that yet. I think my coffee days-decaf or otherwise-may be numbered….

  2. Lauren @ MRS

    You do make a great point of it not really being a health drink as people had sometimes claim it was, but I’m a creature of habit. Maybe one of these days I can shake it off, come to think of it, I do have a tea habit that can possibly replace my morning routine.

  3. Lea O.

    I Love the feeling I get from coffee. I’m more alert and possibly a little giddee, Happy? But I’ve decided I win’t cry anymore. Coffee is bad because I wan’t to drink more than one cup tha puts too much acid in my stomach and gives me Heart-burn. I also drink less juice because I’m busy drinking coffee! It feels good though?
    I will only drink one cup a day except on special occations. Wish me luck!

  4. karen

    I’d say, everything in moderation. I drink 1-2 cups a day and tea the rest of the day. But even tea is not carbon free. So, I cut back on other “carbons” so I can have my 1-2 cups of coffee. It’s a compromise.

  5. Lois

    I used to drink one cup of coffee a day and maybe 7 or 8 cups of tea, which adds up to a lot of caffene. I gradually cut it down, starting with halving the amount, and then halving again, and now I can go for weeks without any tea or coffee: I just treat myself now and again when I feel particularly lethargic or just want to taste the flavour. I’m very happy with my new habit – no more holiday headaches when I cant get enough caffene.

  6. Sassy

    Being recently diagnosed with low thyroid, I had read that coffee was very taxing on the adrenals. I started researching coffee substitutes and found one I truly like! It’s called DandyBlend! It does not have the “bite” coffee has and sometimes I miss that but what I don’t miss is the coffee let-down or the jittery feeling. It has a slight natural sweetness to it that I had to get used to because I don’t care for sweets. I would greatly recommend this product!
    From someone who couldn’t get by with it!

  7. travis

    i drank 2 cups of coffee every morning for about a decade then stopped totally this december. bad allergies led to sinus’ draining all night into my stomach and the coffee tended to not want to stay down many mornings. switched to a full pint glass of OJ in the morning and am much happier. i’m a morning person though, so i was always totally awake by the time the coffee was done brewing. wish quitting smokes was that easy!

  8. Karen

    It’s definitely the ritual of it, for me. When I miss coffee, I miss having coffee, not being caffeinated. On the other hand my coffee habit is very consistent (every day) but light (only in the morning, usually 12 ounces, maybe 16). And I don’t have a tea or cola habit, so the coffee is it. I have more worthwhile bad habits to break first. :)

  9. Pam Levine

    Coffee has actually been linked to having a positive effect in delaying and reducing the onset of Alzheimer’s. Like anything, it’s a matter of degree – I’m a one-cup-in-the-morning user, with an iced tea (unsweeteted) in the afternoon, and I’m sticking to it!

  10. Shanna

    I gave up coffee for several years and just recently started drinking it again. I have fibromyalgia, so I’m dragging all of the time, and I find the coffee “gets me through the day.” I teach teenagers – I need all the energy I can get!

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