Giveaway: Win a Copy of Naked Calories!

Naked Calories

Is your food…naked?

Mira Calton, CN and Dr. Jayson Calton describe “naked calories” as, “calories that have had their micronutrients stripped in one way or another.” They’re talking mainly about the processed, factory farmed food that’s so ubiquitous in the standard American diet. In their book, Naked Calories, they take a look at the global pandemic of micronutrient deficiency that our industrial food system has spurred and how we can take control of our plates and our health.

Naked Calories just came out, and the authors were kind enough to offer up a copy for one lucky Eat Drink Better reader! Here’s how you can win:

That’s it! We’ll announce our winner on Monday, January 9th, so stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Copy of Naked Calories!”

  1. The nutrient quiz was very informative. I will choosing a vitamin based on its write up.

    I already follow you on FB!

    Now following you on Twitter (TNFoodieChick).

    Thanks for what you do!!

  2. I scored a 9. Just finished reading Super Immunity by Dr. Joel Furhman, and he talks about the same subject. Americans need this information so desperately, and I love to read these types of books and to see books like these coming out!!

  3. I got a score of 9. Not terrible but I know I could use a pointer or two to help me even more!

  4. I scored 11! Thank you for the quiz, it was as the others said, more informative than I had expected. I also just followed you on FB. :)

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