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photo of American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom by Ty Rhudy
Image Credit: photo of American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom by Ty Rhudy

We’re big on reducing food-related waste around here, so when I heard that someone had written a book on the topic, I knew you guys would be interested.

Here’s American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom talking a bit about the project:

Bloom is a freelance writer and food waste expert who took a hard look at our food system and the waste that goes along with it. He found that we’re wasting close to half of the food we produce, and this book goes behind the scenes into the food industry to examine why that is.

The folks at Da Capo Lifelong Books, publishers of American Wasteland are offering two copies of the book, which means two winners! Here’s how you can enter…

Giveaway Details

Here’s how you can enter:

  • Comment on this post with one of the ways that you reduce your food-related waste.
  • Tweet about the giveaway and let us know with a comment on this post.
  • Follow Jonathan Bloom on Twitter and let us know here.
  • Sign up for the Eat Drink Better newsletter through the form in the sidebar, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know here.

You can do one of these things, a few, or all of them! Each one gets your “name in the hat” for an additional entry. Just remember to make a separate comment for each entry, so we can be sure to count all of your entries! We’ll announce a winner on Monday, March 7th.

The publisher has asked that we only take entries from the U.S. and Canada. International readers can find the book on Amazon or in local book shops!

22 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Copy of American Wasteland”

  1. we’ve tried to make a conscious effort to fix only the amount of food we need and buy accordingly. but what we do waste I try to compost or feed to our menagerie of pets (if’s it’s safe/healthy) before throwing anything away.

  2. I’m a college student with five roommates, so I know if something’s going bad I’ll just chop it up, make it look appetizing, and put it on the kitchen table with an “eat me!” sign. I know one of my five starving roommates will appreciate it within an hour or two.

  3. i’ve become a master at constructing meals out of leftovers! there’s not much that doesn’t taste great in a stew, or over rice. anything that’s past the point of being edible, i compost.

  4. “There’s nothing sustainable about throwing away almost half of what we produce.” Well said. I didn’t know it was that much, but I certainly believe it!

  5. It’s important to remember and avoid wasting food, in which can be a week long of a meal for those less unfortunate.

  6. I reduce our food waste by only cooking and buying what we need. There’s only two of us in the house so when I cook dinner, I cook in 2-4 portions; just enough food for lunch/dinner left overs (which saves in meal preparations a couple nights a week).

  7. I’ve signed up for the Eat Drink Better newsletter AND I’m following you via Twitter and a fan on Facebook.


  8. Right now I try to curb my food-related waste by not buying prepackaged stuff as much as possible. Also, I cook or give away nearly everything I buy. I have the luxury to do this easily right now since I’m unemployed. lol

  9. One way I reduce food waste is always packing my lunch for work. I’m constantly bringing leftovers from the night before, which is a lot better than grabbing fast food!

  10. I don’t order an entree, instead eat off my daughters plate, so there isn’t any wasted food. we do not take more than we can eat, always eat leftovers, and planning our meals ahead so we buy only what we need.

  11. I am a great admirer of J Bloom and his crusade to reduce food waste. I have found the greatest way to reduce my waste is to plan meals. I go in my kitchen every Friday, see what I have stocked, then look online at the ads of my neighbourhood stores (less transport cost and supports the local economy) and visit our local farmer market. I have a notebook with 21 spots for the coming week that I take with me. Some of the spots have entries to include what I have onhand. I buy enough to fill the spots and stop.
    I found this really difficult to start, but now love it.

  12. When I go grocery shopping I cook a bunch of food at once and then freeze it in individual portions. When I work late and my family is hungry they can take the pre-made meals out of the freezer and heat them up. No waste because they’re frozen individually.

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