Girl Scouts cookies – Courage, Confidence, Character & Corn Syrup

The economy may be in the toilet but ones things for sure this time of year the Girl Scouts will be out in whatever city or rural town selling their cookies. Yes, they have expanded their selection from the basic chocolate chip to such flavors as Dulce de Leche but for $4 a box the economy would have to get real bad for people not to support the Girl Scouts and buy a box or two.

Here’s the thing that gets us. What then heck are these baked goods made from? These little morsels hardly come from just flour and sugar like cookies should be. Instead these little baked treats contain ingredients that would make Michael Pollen cringe. When little girls (or boys for that matter) hardly learn to bake they hardly reach for Palm Oil and TBHQ or Anhydrous Dextrose.

If the Girl Scouts are going to promote their cookies to adults and especially other kids wouldn’t it make sense for them to teach kids to eat healthy or at least healthier? It’s not that cookies are the most nutritious things on the planet but at least they could stop peddling Yellow #5 Lake and Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil.

The Girl Scouts promote courage, confidence, character not Corn Syrup and Cottonseed Oil. Maybe the Girl Scouts should consider using their grandmothers’ cookie recipes and what went into them. Perhaps they could use that knowledge to encourage other kids to eat Girl Scout cookies made from better stuff. Future GS cookies don’t have to be made from organic ingredients but kids and others shouldn’t think that the wholesome Girl Scout cookies come from the same ingredients as stale store bought croutons.

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  1. First, I wholeheartedly agree with the content of this article. It is high time the Girl Scout organization started selling natural, organic versions of their beloved treats.

    Second, though, I have to ask: was this written by someone in middle school? One review by a proofreader could have caught the numerous run-on sentences, missing punctuation, and spelling errors. “Ones things for sure,” if you need a proofreader, hire me!

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