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I consider myself a pretty serious granola-connoisseur. After eating homemade granola for almost a year, I can’t even touch the sugary, chemical-laden cereals you find in the grocery store.

So when I learned about Me & Goji, a cereal company that allows you to customize your own cereal mix on the web, I was skeptical at first. But after looking at their website, I decided that their ingredients looked refreshingly honest and that it might be fun to create my own mix.

For my base, I chose granola made from organic oats, nuts, seeds, and vanilla. Then I added quinoa flakes, ground nutmeg, coconut flakes, goji berries, strawberries, mulberries, sliced almonds, and pistachios. After I was done picking ingredients, I named my mix and uploaded a photo for the label.

My cereal arrived in under a week in a tube-shaped, 100% recyclable capsule that’s designed to keep cereal fresh. I was impressed with how good-looking and colorful my mix was.

But I’ve been even more impressed with the flavor. My custom granola tastes like cereal should taste: real and unprocessed. It contains none of the cheap ingredients, added sugars, and artificial ingredients that you find in store-bought cereals.

Although the cost of Me & Goji’s custom artisanal cereal might be too prohibitive to make it a weekly purchase (my 30 oz mix cost $18.05 before shipping; more basic mixes start at about $6), it would make a lovely gift for foodies.

The extensive list of possible ingredients means that you can design mixes to meet a wide variety of dietary needs such as gluten-free, heart-healthy, low-fat, and energy-rich.

After tasting Me & Goji’s cereal, I know I’ll be purchasing gift certificates for some of my friends so they can design their own mixes this holiday season.

Image courtesy of Me & Goji.

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3 thoughts on “Customize Your Own Artisanal Cereal”

  1. Very cool idea, and since there’s a gluten free option my wife and daughters will love it. This looks like a wave of the future with manufacturers catering to individual tastes. Now if I could just get Coke to make a version for me with real sugar but 75% less!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link, it looks awesome. I was disappointed that Adam and Alexander aren’t honest about the fact that they just ripped off the idea though (have a look at and came up with a “story”…

    Jason, not sure if your wife and daughters have celiac disease or not but you might want to check out Bakery on Main, Udi’s, and Custom Choice Cereal. Dedicated gluten-free facilities avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

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