Genetically Modified Foods Causing Animal Miscarriages, but Who Cares?

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Genetically modified (GM) food researchers still have a long way to go to show that GM foods are actually safe. In fact, the most recent news is that they cause miscarriages in animals. That’s what a scientist researching Monsanto’s Roundup Ready genetically modified crops has found. The miscarriages are linked to an organism that was previously unknown to scientists. Apparently, the organism can cause disease in both animals AND plants — not so common, Monsanto must be proud of its accomplishment. Purdue University’s Emeritus Professor Don M. Huber presented these findings recently and has now sent an open letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack urging him to put a moratorium on the major GM deregulations recently approved — it recently deregulated Monsanto’s sugar beets and RoundUp Ready Alfalfa

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  1. is an interview with Dr. Huber, answering questions about the news that came when his letter was leaked anonymously somewhere en route or from within the USDA. It is dangerous stuff to eat, you definitely don’t want to eat animals that have it in their feed (or avoid eating animals obviously). But what about the pathogen and humans? What is the cause? Is it for-sure GMO? Well, the good news is that despite the USDA’s pro-GMO stance, they are NOT looking the other way. Dr. Huber says they are working hard to get this information into the hands of the scientists in the whole community so everyone can get to the bottom of it, protect the animals, and protect us. There is a lot of really specific compelling circumstantial evidence that suggests this is tied to Roundup somehow- either the herbicide, the GMO seed that tolerates the herbicide, or the package because they are sold together. That is why the USDA is moving quickly to get the DNA sequenced, find out what taxon it is or create the category if it is new, and distribute the PCR and ELISA procedures to universities and non-university scientists.

    In the mean time, Monsanto has a choice to stop selling their new GM alfalfa crop until their Roundup product line is cleared or until they take it off the market because it is found to be the cause. One way or another, every farmer that buys the alfalfa this season runs the risk of growing a crop that will have to be destroyed, and it is so early in the sales (it was okayed for planting 1/23/11 and sales will increase and planted acres will increase every day. The reason to hold on the alfalfa specifically is that farmers and the food system are not yet dependent on it like corn and soy. This is a PR opportunity for Monsanto to show they take safety seriously. Companies typically respond by putting orders on back order when a safety concern is found. No one is dependent on Roundup Ready (TM) alfalfa. Why does a person need an herbicide tolerant crop when only 7% of farmers use herbicide on alfalfa? The Environmental Impact Statement by the USDA admits it will inevitably contaminate (and therefore destroy) the Organic dairy industry and cross into wild alfalfa and some other grasses. That is why the Center for Food Safety is suing and applying for an injunction until the decision is made to allow planting or not allow it. The EIS didn’t meet the judge’s specifications when it was found illegal to release the alfalfa for 2005-2006 because no proper EIS was done. It would be easy for Monsanto to cite this concern for farmers to back order the seed until Roundup is exonerated. Come on, guys… have a little foresight. You’re going to get sued silly if you keep selling in the time its being investigated. You don’t have to have proof to stop selling a potentially dangerous product for the greater moral good (and financial self interest). Instead, the universities that get enormous amounts of money from Monsanto are beginning a smear campaign. They refused to let the scientists working at the schools do the studies there admitting it was the conflict of interest. They are the ones Monsanto needs to go to and tell them they don’t endorse this and to stop interfering. Given the fact that there is a huge group Millions against Monsanto started by the Organics but echoed in sentiment all around the world, many people won’t believe Monsanto is capable of doing anything but bad. That is why I say, this is a good opportunity for them and I hope they take it. Here is a scientific journal news story from 2009 on how science has been stopped by this industry in the recent past that actually inspired some changes. Yay Press!

    I know its easy to react to things like this by filleting Monsanto, and news of a strong correlation that warrants such an immediate investigation will translate to proof after reposting and reposting… but Monsanto, you can contact us at any time through our web site and we will talk to you about why we think you might be inclined to facilitate not impede this investigation for your future. We think its better to be a good influence on you at this point than attack you. All the data you are open and honest with for this investigation should be taken by the judge as evidence in your favor if you are found liable for what could be disastrous. You might be able to make it do better from the start. We’re sorry to hear university deans and scientists receiving your funding are participating in refusal to investigate and then actual hindrance by smear campaigns in your name. Why don’t you stop these people right now from getting you in future hot water by letting them know you will not punish them financially or in lawsuits for promoting scientific inquiry. Anything done in your name or by any level of employee or contractor for you is your responsibility and you will not survive this particular outrage if Roundup or Roundup Ready crops are to blame. If you go down in a blast, it will hurt others we care about. We personally despise your products and past behavior of public record that earned you a nomination for the Hall of Shame by Corporate Accountability International

    but that is no reason for us to not root for you to do the right thing for the world’s sake and make some strides for a better reputation. We see the big picture is letting scientific inquiry happen when it matters so so much. Do you?

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