Fun With Eggs [Videos]

Broken EggsWarning: This blog post is entirely silly, but that’s how I’m feeling this morning, so I hope you enjoy learning how to have fun with eggs.

First, my aunt sent me a short video demonstrating a speedy way to separate egg yolks from whites with a recycled plastic bottle. I recently saw the hosts of Food Network’s The Kitchen do the same thing with a baster.ย I wish I had recalled this trick the other day when I made two soufflรฉs for a little brunch party we had. Check it out.


Want to see even more fun with eggs?ย I discovered a YouTube host โ€”ย Taras Kul โ€”ย who also demonstrates the egg-yolk-separation-with-bottle trick, but he doesn’t stop there. He shows you how to peel an egg with your mouth (I have tried this and it works!), cook an egg with alcohol, make a “naked” egg, and walk on cartons of eggs without breaking them โ€”ย or not.ย This guy “cracks” me up. (I warned you.)

Some of these egg-speriments would be good for kids, but not all. (Some beg for a nearby fire extinguisher.) If you have a spare 10 minutes and want to start your day with a laugh, check out these 10 Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do With Eggs.


Now I’m fascinated to find other food-related science experiments. Got any I should know about?

Image Credit: Broken Egg via Shutterstock

YouTube Credits: Handimania and Taras Kulย via YouTube

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  1. Once I saw it, I just had to try using the water bottle to separate the eggs. It’s brilliant!! Way better than any of the egg separators I’ve tried!

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