“FUGMO”: The Anti-GMO Mascot

Corn Field

Writers, Bloggers, Photographers, Cartoonists, please feel free to place the FUGMO seal of disapproval on any of your anti-GMO work. Readers, you are invited to add the seal to your avatar. (Warning: FUGMO may be offensive to some readers)

FUGMO says: “F U, GMOs!”


More on why you too should say F U to GMOs:

From Grist: The next generation of GMOs could be especially dangerous
From PlanetSave: Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields
From Organic Consumers Association: Millions Against Monsanto
From Cornucopia Institute: More on GMOs

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Corn field photo via Shutterstock

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2 thoughts on ““FUGMO”: The Anti-GMO Mascot”

  1. Joe, the Institue for Responsible Technology is running a contest to name their mascot, who just happens to be an anti-GMO crusader. Contest details on their website. Maybe FUGMO wouldn’t mind loaning his namesake to a very worthwhile cause? P.S. – I like your mascot so much better!

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