Frugal Food Tips from the Eco-Frugal Life Guide

The folks at Coupon Sherpa just launched a new Eco Eco-Frugal Life Guide, with a whole chapter all about sustainable eats. The guide’s first chapter is full of advice on topics from buying produce to conserving and sharing food. Here are a few excerpts:

Buy Produce in Season:

A lot more goes on behind the scenes to bring out-of-season produce to your neighborhood store than you may be aware of. If you try to buy those mouthwatering strawberries in the winter one of two things happens. Either you purchase inferior berries that have been grown in artificial conditions or they have been flown in from a farm across the world. Both of these practices consume much more energy than simply waiting to buy those bite-sized treats in the spring. You’ll be hard pressed to find good fruit in the off-season anyway. Reduce your “food miles” by buying what naturally grows close to you each month.

Grow Your Own Garden:

Consider the savings involved in home gardening: $1 in green bean seeds will reap $75 annually while every $1 invested in potatoes will provide $5 of purchased spuds. If you plant an 8 by 4 foot garden, expect to pay close to $100 for the bare basics—soil, plants, and compost.

Loving Leftovers:

With a good portion of our global population grappling with starvation we can’t afford to disregard massive amount of rotting leftovers. Not that we enjoy tossing out excess noodles, but we know too well that they’ll sit exiled in Frosty Fridge Land until a science experiment begins sprouting. How can we make good use of our leftover ingredients to avoid waste and save our budget?

You can check out more of the Eco-Frugal Life Guide over at Coupon Sherpa.

Do you guys have any tips for eating better and saving money at the same time? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Anthony Albright

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