Massive Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Recall

These are the 44 brands currently impacted by the CRF Frozen Food fruit and vegetable recall.

These are the 44 brands currently impacted by the frozen fruit and vegetable recall. Check your freezer for potentially contaminated products.

These are the 44 brands currently impacted by the frozen fruit and vegetable recall. Check your freezer for potentially contaminated products.

Have you read about the huge frozen fruit and vegetable recall that’s happening? The recall for potential listeria contamination has been expanded once again and includes dozens of varieties from 44 brands. The list below is from the FDA recall website, and it’s current as of this writing (10:34 am on May 9, 2016). 

UPDATE: These are the prepared food recalls related to the original recall.

From the notice: “CDC has informed CRF Frozen Foods that the government has identified seven people from three states who became ill and were hospitalized due to Listeria. Some of these illnesses have been linked to consuming CRF-manufactured or processed products. CDC also informed us that, sadly, two of these individuals later died, but that Listeria was not the cause of death in either person.”

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Symptoms of listeriosis include fever, chills, headache and vomiting. For healthy adults and children, listeriosis is no fun, but it’s not life-threatening. For very young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems, though, it can be very serious. If you’re concerned, definitely contact a doctor.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Recall List

last updated: 10:34 am on May 9, 2016

The alphabetized list below is of brands involved in this frozen fruit and vegetable recall. I find that this is the easiest way to check your freezer for potentially contaminated products. If a brand in your freezer is on this list, refer to the full list to see if you need to return the product.

  1. Bybee’s
  2. Canadian-Costco Wholesale
  3. C.H. Belt’s
  4. Chef Maxwell
  5. Columbia River Organics
  6. Correct Choice
  7. Earth’s Pride
  8. Emerald Farms
  9. Endico
  10. Export (Woolworth’s)
  11. Farmer’s Bounty
  12. Fiesta Mart
  13. Great Value
  14. The Inn
  15. James Farm
  16. JDFA
  17. Kirkland Signature
  18. Life Foods
  19. Live Smart
  20. McCain
  21. Mity Fresh
  22. Mountain Mist
  23. Northwest Growers Select
  24. O Organic
  25. Organic by Nature
  26. Overhill Farms
  27. Panda Express
  28. Pantry Essentials
  29. Parade
  30. Price First
  31. Quirch
  32. Safeway Kitchens
  33. Season’s Choice
  34. Signature Kitchens
  35. Simply Nature
  36. The Inn
  37. Trader Joe’s
  38. True Goodness
  39. USDA
  40. Veggie Maria
  41. VIP
  42. Wellsley Farms
  43. Wild Oats
  44. Export (Woolworth’s)

Recalls are often updated to include more brands or varieties. If you want to be sure that you’re looking at the most recent list, you can double-check here by searching “CRF Frozen Foods.”

Creative Commons photo by Miran Rijavec.

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4 thoughts on “Massive Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Recall”

  1. I was notified weeks ago by Costco since they have records of who bought what. And while there may be bacteria in some of these foods, all the ones I purchased were frozen which kills bacteria. Furthermore, I cooked all these vegetables as that’s the way I eat them and if the freezing didn’t kill the bacteria, the heating surely has. I should mention that I’m pretty healthy to be begin with especially for a 66 year old and I have had no problems at all. You may not agree with me on this next point but it’s a very common and regular practice for “medical science” to start fraudulent stories like this to keep people worked up into a frenzy over “contagious” diseases because the public believing in this myth, accounts for a very high per percentage of their business, when, in fact, it’s diet and other lifestyle factors that cause most illnesses and dis eases and you are definitely not suppose to know that because you might take better care of yourself and therefore become a non medical customer like I am.

    1. Freezing does not kill listeria. Blue Bell Ice Cream had a recall this winter because of a listeria outbreak not long ago ( People have gotten sick and two people have died from contaminated frozen fruits/veggies. Listeria is not contagious, as far as I know… Cooking can kill it, as long as the food is at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

  2. I got a recall notice from BJs for the Wellesley Farms Organic Peas. I just have to take the letter in to the store to get a full refund and was instructed to throw away the peas. I had already used 2 cups in a recipe before I knew this, but did not get sick.

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