From Eco-Art to Seed Bombs and Lots of Fun Between

Seed Bombs by GreenAid

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Have you tossed a seed bomb in your neighborhood lately?

This week’s show ran the spectrum from a GD Correpondent report from Green Diva Marie Wilson inΒ PalmΒ Springs (normally LA)Β on Eco-Jewelry, a green pet segment and an awesome eco-art segment by guest GD co-host Barbara Taylor to a great conversation about Seed Bombs. We did an informative interview with Danny Phillips, co-founder of GreenAid, the makers of Seed Bomb Vending machines that are found all over the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK!

WAY too much information – find a list of resources and links related to this info-packed show at the Green Divas website.

Hope you’ll listen to the show!

Listen to the show here!

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