Fresh Food Finder – a Comprehensive Free App for Finding Farmers Markets Near You

Farmers Market

The Fresh Food Finder joins a growing number of apps that helps you find farmers markets and other local food purveyors. What sets it apart is the comprehensive nature of the listings and the ease of use. Plus, it’s free!

Finding a Farmers Market

The quickest way to find a farmers market is to use the “Find Markets Near Me” button. The Fresh Food Finder will use your location and find several markets nearby. For me, it listed 29 markets, ranging in distance from one mile away to 99 miles.

If you don’t want to share your location with strange apps, or if you’ll be visiting another location later and want to find something close, use the “Search for a Market” button. It will take you to another page.

First, select your state from the dropdown menu. Second, fill in the “Search Phrase” box. The instructions underneath say to enter a city, county, market name, or zip code, but I’ve found that the app will find the search phrase anywhere in the market address, including the street name. For instance, entering the county name “Navarro” into the search phrase returns a list of farmers markets in Navarro county, Texas and also a farmers market on Navarro Street in Victoria, Texas, which is in Victoria county.

A small button in the upper right corner of the market list will take you to a map, where you can view all the farmers markets on the list. The markets are yellow and your location is marked in aqua.

Market Detail

Select a market from the listings and the app will show a page with details for that market. The name of the market and its website, if it has one, come first. The location includes the address and the latitude and longitude coordinates. You can either view the farmers market location in a map (again, your location is aqua and the market is yellow) or get directions from where you are to the market with just a tap.

The market schedule is another handy bit of information. Since farmers markets are often open only one or two days a week for a half a day or so, knowing the dates and times can help with planning.

A list of products usually found at the market follows. Categories include baked goods, cheese, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, prepared foods, soap, arts and crafts, honey, jams, meats, and seafood. Milk and eggs aren’t listed as categories, but I know they’re sold at some of my local farmers markets. I suppose milk and eggs might be classified as meat.

Payment Options lets you know if credit cards are accepted. Other payment options are WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) and SNAP (food stamps). There may be more options in your area.

At the bottom of the market detail page are options for web searches. Those will take you out of the app and into your web browser.

Finding It

The Fresh Food Finder is available for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad at the iTunes store or as an Android app in the Google Play store. It’s free.

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