Try This Simple Technique For Freezing Fresh Vegetables

Freezing Fresh Vegetables From The Farmers Market

Looking for a compact reference with instructions for boiling, steaming, baking, roasting, and microwaving a variety of vegetables? You’re in luck. Awhile back, Becky shared a nifty chart with exactly that info. I’ve taped a copy to the inside of my kitchen cabinet — t’s really helpful to have all these cooking details in one clear table. (Thanks Becky!) Soon after Becky’s post, I did a bit o’ research so I could freeze my overflowing green beans before they went south. (Apparently my farmers market bags are bottomless.) I found a simple method for freezing fresh vegetables and reheating and decided to supplement Becky’s chart with one of my own. Read on for the details.

Freezing Fresh Vegetables: The Technique

Freezing Fresh Vegetables - The Technique


Freezing Fresh Vegetables: The Directions

Freezing Fresh Vegetables - The Vegetables

If you bought too much farm fresh produce and don’t want to waste it, print this out, put it in a handy spot, and preserve that bounty. If you have additional tips for freezing fresh vegetables, please share. Now get your freeze on!

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