France Asks the EU to Ban Monsanto’s Corn


France asked the EU yesterday to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified corn.

The country originally banned the corn back in 2008, though it became the only GMO crop to receive EU approval at that time. Of course, Monsanto fought back and in November they won, overturning the ban, but the French government isn’t giving up yet. They’re saying that the GM corn poses environmental risks and is asking the European Commission to ban the genetically engineered corn.

This comes only 6 days after a French court found Monsanto guilty of poisoning a farmer who is dealing with serious health concerns from using their Lasso weedkiller. The farmer accidentally inhaled some of the pesticide and is now struggling with neurological problems. Lasso was Monsanto’s herbicide that was more common before their more popular Round Up. It has been banned in France since 2007, but the farmer’s exposure was back in 2004.

{Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by michaelnpatterson}

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2 thoughts on “France Asks the EU to Ban Monsanto’s Corn”

  1. Maybe they could let it up to individual farmers to decide for themselves what to grow? If the farmers don’t want to grow that seed, no point doing this anyway. If they do, then I guess these laws aren’t sticking up for the farmers after all.

    1. GH, I am French. farmers in France are not so keen on growing genetically modified foods. In any case, it is ultimately the people (consumers) that decide; the vast majority of French people oppose such foods, a growing number make sure to shop with intelligent, well-informed care and refuse to buy these products. The farmers’ choice is determined by the market; in this case a win-win situation for them and the people.

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