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forks over knives

From the folks who brought us Chow Down, another movie touting the benefits of a whole foods diet is coming from the theatres to DVD.

Forks over Knives traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn as their independent research and discoveries lead them to the same startling conclusion: degenerative diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even several forms of cancer, could almost always be prevented – and in many cases reversed – by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

We have 5 DVDs to give away to our readers in a drawing! Ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this form about your thoughts on anything relating to modern diets, plant-based diets and chronic disease. We’d love to hear any personal stories you have.
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Three DVDs will be given to the readers with the most interesting/touching/inspiring comments and two DVDs will be given away at random. We’ll choose the winners on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011. You will be notified by email, so please be sure to enter your email address correctly on the comment form. It will not show up publicly on the website. Unfortunately, we will only be able to ship to US addresses*.

If you already know you would like more than just a chance of winning the DVD, you can purchase them here:

*sorry if this affects any of the people who commented before I realized I hadn’t mentioned this.

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25 thoughts on “Forks over Knives DVD Giveaway”

  1. would like to win a copy . 2 years ago, i was so sick with stomach issues, acid reflux, couldn’t eat and lost 10 lbs. went from dr to dr to ER. couldn’t find the answers other than dr’s wanted to give me meds, that i would have to stay on for the rest of my life. it turns out i was lactose intolerant and had been eating massive amounts of dairy daily which inflammed my stomach and caused me to get sick every time i ate. i cut the dairy out, but the more i read, the more i realized the foods i was buying at the supermarket were poisoning my system. i cut out all animal protein,processed foods,gmo foods,most things that come in a bag or can. i only eat organic. i feel better than i ever have and have the energy to do things again. i am so sad to see most people my age(in their 50’s) taking tons of meds. i want to help my 80 year mom become healthier and get her off the unnecessary meds that she is on.

  2. For years I suffered from a number of chronic diseases…IBS, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Arthritis and others. I was constantly in pain and living on prescription drugs. After I switched to an organic, vegetarian diet about 6 yrs ago…I now feel better than ever before. All the symptoms of these diseases have either substantially subsided or disappeared altogether. I haven’t taken any prescription drugs other than for serious pain ( from a permanent back injury ) in years. My next move will be to raw foods and I’ve also invested in a huge stock of organic seeds to start my own garden. Because I am not eligible for health insurance because I had so many pre-existing conditions, eating right is vital to my health and well-being. I try to convince my family that getting off processed foods, GMOs and a meat based diet will also help them actually heal themselves so they can leave their mountains of prescription drugs behind and live longer and healthier.

  3. A few years ago I had double knee surgery. The intent of the surgery was to remove some small barriers to being active. Two years after the surgery I was less active than before and feeling a lot of pain. I even went back to physical therapy multiple times without relief. Working with a Naturopath I made changes to my diet. Within 10 days the pain was gone! This is my personal proof that there are just some foods that we are not supposed to eat! I am frustrated with how food is marketed and subsidized.

  4. My father is a diabetic. However, during most of my childhood he remained generally healthy. A few years ago he developed a numbing sensation in his face and soon learned he had a brain tumor. Fortunately, the tumor turned out to be benign. Still, he had to undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor. To prepare for the surgery, he started to exercise more: walking and running every morning before work. Under my sister and I, he turned to a more plant-based diet and began to shed pounds plus his numbers dropped to a satisfactory level. He also went off insulin! The surgery was very rough for him and my family to witness. The first few days he kept his head sideways and could barely sleep. He also lost hearing in one of his ears permanently. Despite that, we were so fortunate that he was okay. I will never forget holding him up with my mom and sister down the hospital hallway helping him walk. It seemed like we had to re teach him.

    Flash forward a few years: a new job, exponential stress and a return to the standard American diet. I have been touting Forks Over Knives to him and my mother since the trailer came out. He missed the viewing in his city because it was on a weekday of which he could not attend. I bought him The China Study and he is reading it and making some changes because the doctor again warned he must. I really want him to see the film and it would mean a lot for me to win a copy.

    Thank you!

  5. I am so excited to see this as a give-away. My mother and I have both been transitioning to a completely plant-based diet for the past 7 weeks. The health benefits have been immediate and incredible. Would love a copy!

  6. I missed the showings for the film in my city, but I continuoulsy strive to follow the lifestyle explored in the film. I have great friends that inspire me everyday to eat more plant-based foods, and to follow a more natural path. I look forward to the day that my commitment can inspire others…

  7. This is an exciting giveaway. I became a vegan and vegetarian 3 months ago after a health scare! I’m still figuring things out.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this since February! Missed getting tkt to a screening in Ann Arbor, hour away, cause of trying 2 find someone 2 go w/me then decided I really have no problem going places alone, then they had just sold out! Chow Down was SO well-done and inspirational, I loan that DVD out a lot and it is what convinced me in Jan. to start making the switch.
    I need all the motivation I can get, doing this alone w/2 kids not doing it + no friends who are Vegan either. It is SO exciting 2 finally have TRUE information actually getting out to this most beyond-sick uneducated-food-wise country, despite the uphill battle against the giant greed-motivated food industry interests and their ginormous money and horrifically powerful influences!!!! I will LOAN out my DVD 2 whoever I find that will watch it! THX for reading, and for the Give-away!! — a 53 yr old who has mostly been lucky so far and hoping to now live longer healthier life! ! :)

  9. Since I have personally cured my digestive problems and hypothyroidism by switching to a vegan diet, I couldn’t believe more in the connection between disease and not wholesome, plant-based diets.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I am a big believer in whole food. Why? Because, at its core, it is real food. There has been a massive uprising in chronic illness, disease, disorders, and general complaints among the world of health and wellness.
    Why? Because we are not eating real food. Technology is a beautiful, astounding, and creative tool to better the world around us. Little did we know that using genes chemically altered in a lab to add to crops to help withstand harsh environments would alter the food, too. It does.
    Why should we aim to have our tomatoes last through the winter? It’s like bringing a Polar Bear to Florida and shaving its fur off while strapping fans to its waists and saying, “go on. Live here where it is sunny!”
    There are some things that we must redefine in importance. My future work in health, science, and nutrition will pave the way to glorious, wholesome, and healthful food that enriches our lives and feeds our bodies and souls, not deteriorates them.

  11. Hello!

    I would love to have the dvd if there is one still available! I haven’t seen it but have heard great things! I am 25 years old with loads of health problems that started at a very young age. Chronic asthma, allergies of all sorts, migraines that started at age 11, weight battles, etc. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just sick. Sick of being sick. Sick of what’s being done to our race. Sick of what’s being done to our animals and our planet.

    So, the past 2 weeks I’ve kicked out all meat, dairy and eggs and have been eating a plant based diet. I feel AMAZING- for more reasons than one. I have more energy. My asthma has not been nearly as bad. Not one migraine. I could keep going. This is just the beginning?? I wish I had done more research a long time ago! I thought for sure I’d feel terrible. However, it’s been just the opposite.

    My husband is not completely on board but is open to the idea of adopting a plant based diet. I’m sure that after seeing this DVD it will help my husband on his journey to making a more informed decision about his lifestyle and continue to give me inspiration to stay on this path that I’ve chosen for myself. :)

  12. I’ve been vegetarian for a little over a decade, but didn’t make the switch to vegan until after the birth of my daughter. Due to complications, a surgery to remove my gallbladder, and then a blood clot, it became difficult for me to tolerate dairy and eggs. I switched to a vegan diet, and have never felt better or healthier. I wasn’t able to digest food very well post-surgery, but going fully vegan allowed me to be able to eat again without pain. I am also teaching my daughter about healthy choices and compassion. My daughter begs for roasted kale and zucchini at three years of age, and I love that she’ll choose veggies, fruits, and hummus over other snacks.

  13. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. I think the importance of stressing over “healthy food choices and healthy diet” can never be enough. Child obesity is a very important focus, as children can be exposed to choosing a healthy lifestyle from childhood leading to their adulthood.

  14. I think it’s wonderful that more mainstream people are choosing a plant-based diet. I am in the flirting stage. I have reduced my meat consumption drastically and have high hopes that this dvd would propel my all the way! Thanks!

  15. I just FEEL better when I eat a “real food” diet. I’m relatively young (34) and I have no health problems. I just want to put good food in my body. I also want to show my support for better food choices by “voting” with my dollar. I think the food industry will have to take note of farmers markets, farms and CSA boxes if we all spend our money wisely and not financially support companies that are harming us.

  16. Hi. I just went vegetarian in May of this year after watching Food Inc. I’ve since quit eating eggs and dairy also. I’m kind of “on the fence” about soy, so I’m finding your blog very helpful. Thanks!

  17. I just started reading the book that this movie is based on (The China Study) because I have been looking for ways for my dad to make some dietary changes to keep his cancer at bay. This is his second form of cancer (he’s almost done with treatment!). Our our family has multiple autoimmune diseases and multiple types of cancer. If my generation (and my father’s) can start making changes to our diets to prevent these issues, I would love to know. If making small changes (less meat or no meat) can change my family’s health long-term, then I’d like them all to try.

  18. Hi! I think one of the most important steps to being healthy is eating real food that is raised naturally! How can you have a healthy diet when you’re eating meat pumped with antibiotics? I’d love to win this dvd to learn more.

  19. Cereal grains have been the stable for people and animals for millenia. The Mayans and Incas lived and thrived on a diet of corn and beans which have complimentary amino acids to build strong muscles and tissues. Our dogs and cats also can thrive on cereal grains. As our bodies are constantly building up and breaking down tissue – we are in fact what we eat!!!

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