For Those Who Fancy Their KitchenAid Stand Mixer… [Infographic]

KitchenAid MixerI’m in love with my KitchenAid mixer (Majestic Yellow), but I’m not much of a baker, so I didn’t use it much โ€” that is, not until I found out about all those attachments!

My first was the basic pasta roller and cutter set. Making my own noodles literally puts a wide smile on my face. Soon thereafter, I “acquired” the meat grinder (by borrowing it from a great friend and adopting it โ€” thank you Deb). Once you’ve ground your own chuck for burgers, you won’t want to buy the pre-ground stuff. And then came the sausage stuffer. We haven’t actually usedย it yet, but I do have fresh pig casings in my frig waiting to house some meaty delights.

I came across this quite beautiful infographic that shows pictures of all of the attachments you can procure. I’m missing so many! Did you know you can make specialty pasta โ€”ย fusilli, bucatini, macaroni, and even ravioli? You can mill your own grain, slice and shred cheese and vegetables, and make your own ice cream. All with that beautiful KitchenAid stand mixer that is begging to be put into service.

Which of the attachments do you own? And which have you now added to your wish list? Most importantly, what color is your mixer???

Make it Homemade with KitchenAid: Mixer & Attachment Chart

Infographic Credit: Ghergichย and KitchenAid

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  1. I just got a Kitchen-Aid mixer this past summer–Cobalt Blue! I love it! If I’d known I was going to like it so much, I would’ve gotten it sooner. Thanks for the chart, Mary!

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