Changing the Perception of the “Non-Foodie”


It seems like the differences between those that want to cook and be healthy and those that want quick, cheap meals is becoming more defined. What can we do to make a difference?

With dietetics as my field of study, my daily life is consumed with food, even when I am not eating. I spend my days recommending meal changes, recipe ideas, grocery shopping tips, etc. What I am finding throughout my various career positions is that most Americans, regardless of age, background and socioeconomic status, are looking for quick fixes for meals. It is as if eating and cooking has become the most tedious, annoying chore of the day. Food is not enjoyable, but a pain in the rear end to figure out. Determining what is healthy in the grocery store is far to time consuming a task, so people purchase what they know, or what is marketed best to them.

On almost a daily basis I find myself explaining what a foodie may take for granted. I’ve come across children who’ve never seen real blueberries and adults who’ve never heard of kale or lentils. This is a major issue. There is a whole world of food left undiscovered to a large portion of the American population. Food availability and marketing techniques of processed food companies are hindering the chances for everyone to enjoy food the way a foodie does.

What can we do to help solve this issue? Try these simple daily acts of food kindness to spread the word of good food:

  • Go grocery shopping with a less adventurous friend.
  • Invite friends over for a special dinner with a variety of fruits, veggies and legumes for everyone to enjoy.
  • Help out a confused stranger in the grocery store. Maybe they are looking for an item you know a good deal about.
  • Bake something out of the ordinary for your child’s bake sale.
  • Introduce new vegetables to friends at a potluck dinner.
  • Share your green smoothies! (This is my favorite thing to do!)

What other ways can we encourage our non-foodie friends to take an interest in cooking and eating fresh, healthy foods?

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