Foodie Gift Guide: The DIY Edition

DIY Food Gifts

Rachel talked earlier about some fun, foodie gifts that cost $30 and less. For folks with a DIY streak, I thought it might be fun to round up some ideas for foodie gifts that you can make yourself!

Vegan Cookie Mix

Over at Crafting a Green World, I shared a recipe for making your own jarred vegan cookie mix. Sure, you could find these in the store, but this way you can customize flavors and ensure that the ingredients are top notch!

Hand Mixed Chai Tea

Jeannie shared a tasty recipe for homemade chai tea. It would be easy peasy to whip up a big batch of the herbs, then write or print brewing directions on pretty paper and include it with the gift.

Jars of Cobbler

Over at Green Upgrader, you can check out the sweet individual cobblers baked in glass jars. This would make a great hostess gift for the holidays. You could even do a few different cobblers and put together a little assorted gift set in a pretty basket!

Custom Made Cereal

Rachel included the Me & Goji cereal mixes in her gift guide, but you could easily whip up something like this yourself. Combine toasted oats or other cereal grains, dried fruit, nuts, and spices to create a unique cereal mix that your giftees will love!

Soup Mix

Dry soup mix is excellent for the busy foodies in your life. Like the cookie mix, you just want to include a card with the wet ingredients and preparation instructions. They’ll appreciate having a tasty, one-dish meal at their fingertips during a busy week!

Homemade Granola

Beautifully packaged granola makes a lovely holiday gift. You can follow a recipe to the letter, like this one for ginger molasses granola, or mix things up, adding different spices, nuts and seeds. If you want to add dried fruit to the mix, just make sure you do that after the granola comes out of the oven.

Custom Spice Blends

Any chef will love a custom blend of herbs and spices to enhance their spice rack. Combine the spices in a pretty glass spice jar, create a label, and you’re ready to gift! This would be an excellent stocking stuffer, or you could whip up a few blends to make it an under-the-tree type gift.

Gift Baskets

You can give your loved ones a little bit of everything with a foodie gift basket! Maybe you could include one or two items above, along with a couple of store-bought treats, like organic lollipops or some fair trade chocolate.

Have you made any food-related gifts this year? Tell us all about them in the comments!

1 thought on “Foodie Gift Guide: The DIY Edition”

  1. These are some good gift ideas. Hand-made items are always well intentioned and show thought. That’s what gifting is about. Letting people know you appreciate them in your life. I’ve found foodies to be fairly particular though, so I’d suggest making sure you give high quality food items to the foodies in your life. Thanks!

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