Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday

We do our very best to touch on as much of the health- and environment-related news that we can from across the web, but there are always stories we don’t get to. Here’s a quick roundup of food news from the last week or so that we didn’t manage to hit on:

  • Honest Food Guide. Ecospheric Blog shares Health Ranger’s independent food guide pyramid, created without lobbyist the influence that’s behind the USDA Food Pyramid.
  • Raising Awareness About Food Insecurity. Ecolocalizer’s Ryan Van Lenning talks about food deserts and hunger here in the U.S.
  • Are You Concerned About School Food? Over at Natural Papa, Derek Markham points us to a group looking to make a difference in school lunches and shows an easy way that parents can help.
  • Junkie Food. New Scientist delves into food addiction.
  • Is Fair Trade Really Fair? Jonathan Banco at Inspired Economist looks at the ins and outs of the fair trade program.
  • Noisy Sun Chips Bags. Another one from Inspired Economist, I had to share this one because it made me laugh. Consumers are complaining that Sun Chips’ new compostable bags are too noisy.

What were your favorite food-related stories from this week?

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