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We have too much information to process these days. And unfortunately the scum seems to float to the top of every online search. But I’ve signed up for dozens of farm and food e-mail subscriptions, and a few have proven their worth magnificently when it comes to eating and drinking better. Let me share one with you: Get to know Food & Water Watch.

About Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Watch is a non-profit organization with a mission to “ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainable.” Started in 2005, it has advocated mightily for hormone-free food, honesty in food labeling, elimination of factory farming, and a reduction in land, air, and water pollution.

A few of the issues sitting at the top of their current agenda include:

  • The Farm Bill. As their site states: “Our current food system is broken, and it didnโ€™t happen by accident. Decades of bad food policy designed to benefit agribusinesses and mega-farms, combined with unchecked corporate mergers, have wreaked havoc on family farmers, public health and rural communities.” FWW seeks to influence our government toย pass a strong, fairly written Farm Bill.
  • Elimination of factory farms. Most of the meat we eat comes from animals raised in inhumane, unhealthy conditions on factory farms. Not only do the animals suffer โ€”ย we support producers that infuse our food with antibiotics and hormones and pollute local communities with tainted water and air pollution. FWW wants to help.
  • Banning fracking. Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) injects water, sand, and harmful chemicals into a well to release more oil or gas. The resulting pollution “threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the communities we love and the climate on which we all depend.” FWW campaigns to eliminate the word “fracking” from our vocabulary.

Food & Water Watch Site Overview

The site is organized to highlight:

  • Food and water issues. Get easy access to information on current food and water betterment topics by selecting the “Issues” menu option. You can also navigate to the issues in the footer on each of the site’s page.
  • FWW’s current campaigns. Selecting the “Campaigns” menu option connects you with Food & Water Watch’s latest efforts to make an impact. Learn how you can affect aย fracking ban, the Farm Bill, and genetically engineered labeling.
  • Research, tools, and resources. Food & Water Watch performs research to support its campaigns and address issues. It has also published a number of resources including a sustainable seafood guide and a list of food-friendly films. Find them by selecting the “Research” and “Tools And Resources” menu options.

Food & Water Watch encourages you to lend your voice to their campaigns to influence food and water safety. They ask you to donate to support their causes. I hope you will sign up for their newsletters to keep you up-to-date on food, air, and water safety information.

Looking for honest, actionable guidance designed to improve the world around us? Bookmark Food & Water Watch, and let us know what other sites you respect.

Image Credit: www.foodandwaterwatch.org

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