Love Food Travel? Find Real Food (Not The Touristy Stuff) On EatWith

EatWith Food TravelDo you travel for food? If so, listen up.

I just came across a new food travel site named EatWith. Traveling to Barcelona and looking for an authentic food experience? Contact Leonor through the EatWith site and set up a date to join her for fresh tapas with global inspiration. Heading to Hungary hungry? Connect with Nora and David to experience their grandmothers’ best home-cooked recipes for chicken soup with vegetables,Β pΓΆrkΓΆlt (gulasch), and apple pie.

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2012, EatWith has created a global, food-loving community connecting hosts,Β who open up their homes to share their local cuisine, with hungry travelers looking for real food, not the touristy stuff. The diners pay EatWith a per-person fee which is passed on to the hosts minus a small cut for the company’s services.

When I first read about this, my mind went to “stranger danger” immediately. And apparently I’m not alone. EatWith has a $1,000,000 insurance policy to cover “certain damages” in connection with an EatWith event. It also supports reviews and ratings of EatWith experiences, and certain hosts have been “EatWith Verified” β€”Β an EatWith representative has visited the host’s home and broken bread.

Today, EatWith lists events in 20 countries, and the locations are expanding. Want to head to Dallas for authentic Texas barbecue? Sorry, that’s not an option. But perhaps I’ll sign myself and my husband up as hosts, so stay tuned. You don’t want to miss his wood-smoked brisket.

Who thinks this stuff up, and what will they come up with next?Β What do you think? Are you adventurous enough to give it a try?

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3 thoughts on “Love Food Travel? Find Real Food (Not The Touristy Stuff) On EatWith”

  1. Michelle Milgrim

    Hi AEM,

    I have tried it many times! I am a New Yorker, just moved to Tel Aviv, and tried the Canadian Thanksgiving Feast. It was a very cool experience, there were 4 different languages being spoken at my dinner, I would highly recommend it and look forward to trying out another dinner here in Tel Aviv.

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